At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we’re committed to providing our customers with continued assurance over the security, availability and confidentiality of the AWS control environment. We’re proud to deliver the Spring 2022 System and Organizational (SOC) 1, 2 and 3 reports, which cover October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, to support our AWS customers’ confidence in AWS services.

The Spring 2022 SOC reports now include the Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region, newly added to scope. The associated infrastructure supporting our in-scope products and services is also updated to reflect new edge locations, AWS Wavelength zones, and AWS Local Zones.

The Spring 2022 SOC reports include an additional 9 new services in scope, for a total of 150 services. See the full list on our Services in Scope by Compliance Program page.

Here are the 9 new services in scope for the Spring 2022 SOC reports:

The Spring 2022 SOC reports are now available to AWS customers through AWS Artifact in the AWS Management Console, or you can see our publicly-accessible PDF of the SOC 3 Report.

AWS strives to bring services into scope of our compliance programs to help you meet your architectural and regulatory needs. If there are additional AWS services you would like to see added to the scope of our SOC reports or other compliance programs, reach out to your AWS representatives.

As always, we value your feedback and questions. Feel free to reach out to the team through the Contact Us page. If you have feedback about this post, submit comments in the Comments section below.

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Andrew Najjar

Andrew is a Compliance Program Manager at Amazon Web Services. He leads multiple security and privacy initiatives within AWS and has 8 years of experience in security assurance. Andrew holds a master’s degree in information systems and bachelor’s degree in accounting from Indiana University. He is a CPA and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

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