We are pleased to announce that in all AWS Regions that support Amazon Cognito, you can now integrate Amazon Cognito with Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) in the same Region. By integrating these services in the same Region, you can more easily achieve lower latency, and remove cross-Region dependencies in your architecture. Amazon Cognito lets you add authentication, authorization, and user management to your web and mobile apps. Amazon Cognito scales to millions of users and supports sign-in with social identity providers such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and enterprise identity providers that support SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC).

Amazon Cognito launched new console experience in 2021 that makes it even easier for you to manage Amazon Cognito user pools and add sign-in and sign-up functionality to your applications. The new console has now been further enhanced to configure the in-Region Amazon SES options as shown in Figure 1, and Amazon SNS options as shown in Figure 2. Also you can configure the same via Amazon Cognito APIs. Thus you can update your in-Region Amazon SES, Amazon SNS configuration options through the console, API, or CLI. You can use Amazon Cognito in a Region that suits your business requirements and sustainability goals, and extend your Amazon Cognito architecture to additional Regions.


Figure 1: Amazon SES Region drop-down selection with new options


Figure 2: Amazon SNS Region selection drop-down selection with new options

In-Region integration with Amazon SES and Amazon SNS is currently available in all Regions where Amazon SES, Amazon SNS and Amazon Cognito are available. For up to date information, see the AWS Regional Services List. To learn more, see What is Amazon Cognito?.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What Region will Amazon Cognito console default to when I configure Amazon SES and Amazon SNS Regions?

When creating new user pools, the Amazon Cognito console auto-populates the Region to in-Region, but you still have to select the identity. Existing user pools with cross-Region Amazon SES or Amazon SNS integration will not be affected.

Can I update an existing user pool to integrate with Amazon SES or Amazon SNS in the same Region?

Yes, you can change your configuration so that Amazon Cognito integrates with either Amazon SES or Amazon SNS, or both, in the same Region.

What Regions can I use with Amazon Cognito for Amazon SNS and Amazon SES?

For most up-to date mapping of Regions to use, see the table in SMS message settings for Amazon Cognito user pools.

Why should I change from cross-Region to same-Region Amazon SES or Amazon SNS?

Amazon Cognito is designed to scale to millions of users. Your users expect prompt delivery of their messages for multi-factor authentication and account setup. Using Amazon SES and Amazon SNS in the same Region as your user pool improves performance by reducing the round-trip time of the call that Amazon Cognito makes to Amazon SES or Amazon SNS.

What are the key benefits of using in-Region integration?

Availability: Availability is improved as you no longer will have cross-Region dependency for Amazon SES or Amazon SNS.

Latency: Transit time for API requests is most efficient within a single AWS Region.

Usability: Billing, logging, and setup are more transparent when you consolidate resources in the same Region.

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